What’s Special About Our Culture?

Fast-growing custom closet franchise focuses on YOUR success

The CLOZETIVITY custom closet franchise was founded on the belief that entrepreneurship and business ownership is the best way for an individual to participate in the market at their full potential.

Our leadership team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the franchise industry. We’ve not only started successful franchise concepts, but we’ve been franchise owners too.

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This is why the culture of CLOZETIVITY is so unique in the franchise industry. Our experience on both sides of the aisle has helped us develop a culture of support, continued innovation, and ongoing collaboration. We run our organization with the belief that the success of our franchise owners is paramount. It’s this belief that drives everything we do.

“I fell in love with franchising because of its ability to change people’s lives for the better,” says Leo Goldberger, CEO and co-founder. “Helping people become successful is my passion. I have so many stories of helping an entrepreneur go from nothing to vastly improving their quality of life. I want to sell franchises to hungry people. You have to be as hungry as I am. If you’re hungry, we will give you all the resources you need to succeed.”

Franchising with CLOZETIVITY means you will have a voice within our organization. Our franchise owners are a diverse group of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, professional backgrounds, and skill-sets. You will bring something unique to the table, and we believe that makes us better.

Because our franchise owners operate in protected territories, they do not compete with each other. Instead, they collaborate, share best practices, mentor each other, and help each other grow.

“Our franchise owners are phenomenal people, and they make our entire organization better”, says Thomas Scott, COO and co-founder. “Now is a great time to franchise with CLOZETIVITY. Even though we have a proven business model and strong growth, we’re still a young brand. There’s still a lot of opportunity to get in early and make a tremendous impact on this brand as you improve your life for the better.”

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