Why You Should Start A Custom Closet Business

Is your closet constantly in disarray? Are you tired of searching for clothes in a mess of clutter? Why waste more time when the solution is at your fingertips? There’s plenty of reasons customers seek out CLOZETIVITY to customize their closet, but one thing is sure: they never regret bringing order into their living spaces. For years, CLOZETIVITY has been the trusted custom closet business countless people have called to help.

The customized closet and storage solution industry is a multi-billion-dollar trade that continues to grow every year. At CLOZETIVITY, we bring a unique perspective to the industry, making storage solutions more affordable, profitable, and sustainable. There has never been a better time to invest, with the custom closet industry on pace to reach $3.4 billion by 2023. As experts in the custom closet segment, CLOZETIVITY is uniquely positioned to be an industry leader.

Across the country, Americans are moving and remodeling homes at an unprecedented rate, and these trends show no signs of slowing down. According to a recent National Association of Realtors’ Home Preferences study, the majority of buyers want more or larger closets and more storage space. Indeed, the study concluded that people rated a walk-in closet in the master bedroom as the second most important feature considered when purchasing a home.

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Demand for Custom Closets

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s estimated we spend 3,680 hours over the course of our lifetime searching for lost items. That’s nearly 154 days! What’s more, in an Alpha Phi Quarterly study, 67% of the people surveyed believe that they could have saved up to 30 minutes a day if they were more organized. Nearly half of people in a recent study said they regularly cannot find an article of clothing in their closet.

All this to say, the demand for custom closets and putting an end to disorganized living spaces is in demand. According to The Freedonia Group, demand for home organization products used in closets is projected to increase 4.8% per year through 2023 to an astounding $3.4 billion. That’s exactly the momentum of growth we’re seeing CLOZETIVITY.

“Our current franchise owners cannot keep up with the amount of work, which is strong validation that our business is connecting with homeowners in a big way,” says Thomas Scott, COO and co-founder of CLOZETIVITY.

The same study showed demand for home organization products for all rooms is projected to reach $12.7 billion in 2023 on gains of 3.8% per year. That’s why at CLOZETIVITY, we don’t stop at closets. We offer a range of services to remodel garages, man caves, or any part of your home into your dream space.

The CLOZETIVITY Difference

A disorganized living space is stressful. That’s why CLOZETIVITY makes the process of transformation as simple – and affordable – as possible.

Once our customers make the life-altering decision to customize their closet, CLOZETIVITY schedules a free, no-obligation consultation in their home where we discuss organizational needs, measure spaces, and look for ways to consolidate storage space. What sets CLOZETIVITY apart is the use of state-of-the-art technology that generates a range of stunning design options on an iPad in just a few seconds. What takes other companies weeks takes CLOZETIVITY a fraction of the time, which helps customers realize their dream living spaces much sooner.

Once customers have selected the design and approved their paperless proposal, our team places the order, and all the high-quality materials arrive in as little as one to three weeks. Then, our expert teams help homeowners prep their closet for remodel in anticipation of installation day. We’re proud to say our teams can install customized closets typically in a day or two, leaving customers all the time in the world to fall in love with their dream space with little disruption to their daily life.

“We can do everything the higher-end brands can do at a fraction of the cost,” says Scott. “Our price-point is a huge advantage, because we can serve a bigger market and potentially win far more jobs than the competition. Our affordability doesn’t mean we sacrifice margins.”

How To Start A Custom Closet Business With CLOZETIVITY

When franchising with CLOZETIVITY, you are joining a brand that knows exactly what it takes to grow successful custom closet businesses. Our entire approach maximizes profitability and lead to long-lasting growth. What’s unique about CLOZETIVITY is our straight-forward business model. Other companies require franchisees to manage entire manufacturing facilities. Our business model takes the burden off franchisees from having to run an enormous warehouse, hire large teams, or hold a lot of inventory. Instead, you can start from your home and focus on scaling your business smartly and effectively.

What’s more, CLOZETIVITY’s veteran corporate team is there to help every step of the way. We offer in-person training sessions at our headquarters in Nashville, including how to interact with customers, selling services, and marketing. We also realize how important it is to see CLOZETIVITY in action, so we take all franchisees onto actual job sites to perform work for real customers. And, we are committed to providing ongoing support on all aspects of the business, from regular coaching, mentoring, and professional development.

“CLOZETIVITY is designed to offer tremendous profit potential and the ability to continue to scale,” Scott says.

Do I need experience?

To be a successful CLOZETIVITY franchisee, you don’t need to be a master carpenter or home builder. Instead, the only experience needed is a drive to success and excellent customer service skills. All we ask is your willingness to work hard, and the motivation to build a strong, thriving business.

Of course, we look for incredible leadership skills, as well as a person who enjoys building a team and has a passion working with people. Through our simple, straightforward business model, you can learn the rest along the way, although a background in construction, franchise management, or home improvement in general tends to give our franchisees a leg up.

Our training and support program, however, was skillfully crafted to make sure CLOZETIVITY is accessible and affordable to anyone with a passion and desire to build a life-changing business. Our franchisees come from all backgrounds but have found unparalleled success in the booming customized closet industry. The one recurring theme in our franchisees, however, is a strong work ethic, great people skills, and a relentless urge to improve their life.

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